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Trauma Center Game rip (sendspace)

Trauma Center is a medical surgeon game released for Wii. Shoji Meguro actually composed the music for this game. Probably due to short number of the tracks, there are no OST release planned. Nevertheless, the music in this game is very nice, reminds you a bit to his style in composing Persona 3, but in more mature, jazzy way. The themes are solid and clear despite the jpop-ish atmosphere, and the use of instrument is highly effective. Too bad the tracks are just short?

My favorite track are Second opinion, Hope Hospital, St. Francis Hospital, Caduceus Europe, and Vulnerability. I praise Shoji Meguro's brilliant improvisation. If you notice, all of these tracks are actually based on same theme. But Meguro, with his excellent technique develop it with unique, hardly tedious variations.

Second Opinion uses a dramatic string opening before it goes to a ballad-like piano part and finally accompanied by his hip-hop semi-jazz heavy guitar chord. Two hospital tracks, Hope Hospital and St. Francis are probably one of the grooviest song you could find in vgm discography. Seriously, the beat of the music, the syncopation, and hip-hop tempo makes these two tracks are just perfect. I couldnt really have enough of these.

The Caduceus Europe, still derived from the same theme is much gloomier compared with othe track. The piano part continuously plays the main theme, accompanied by drum and string. This is track is a bit monotonous, less dramatic, though still enjoyable.

Vulnerability is the hottest track in the whole rip, which reminds you to battle themes in Digital Devil Saga. The opening is pretty dramatic, reminds you to the game's opening, and afterward, the distorted guitar enters, with piano keep playing the main theme.

Shame that atlus wont release the OST. Oh well, kudos for cubed@gff for ripping it. Finally it's available for all Meguro fans!

ripped by

1. Second Opinion (1:34)
2. Episode Selection (2:23)
3. Hope Hospital (2:39)
4. Operation Briefing (1:13)
5. The Patient's Life is in your hands! (0:06)
6. Code Blue (2:24)
7. The Patient is Saved! (0:05)
8. Despair (0:56)
9. Emergency (1:40)
10. Sigh of Relief (1:55)
11. St. Francis Hospital (2:39)
12. Hopeless (1:42)
13. Code Blue ~DS ver.~ (1:41)
14. G.U.I.L.T. (2:15)
15. Caduceus USA (3:05)
16. A Savior's Forthcoming (1:36)
17. Savato (2:20)
18. Caduceus Europe (2:00)
19. Vulnerability (2:58)
20. Happy Ending (1:18)
21. Too much of a burden (0:18)
22. BONUS ~ Wii Intro (0:36)
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