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Digital Devil Saga Integral and Persona 3 OST (Megaupload+sendspace)

I love Shoji Meguro. Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner OST deserves to be called epic. Seriously, this is a magnum opus everyone shouldnt miss. At first I underappreciated it because I just have listened Persona 3 OST and expecting some groovy tunes. But after several times listening the whole album, I realize DDS integral is much superior than persona 3, in term of diversity, style, themes, and technique.

Persona 3 is unique and a fine to listen, but if you listen DDS OST, you might start questioning whypersona 3 OST is not as powerful as its predecessor.

That's some subjective quick review from me. Hope you are intersted to listen this two great albums.

Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner - 1&2 Integral OST
Persona 3 Original Soundtrack
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